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Here at Sigler Pharmacy, free delivery* is available to our customers who live within the Lawrence city limits.  For quickest service, please call in your prescription a day or two before you need it, just in case we need to contact the doctor for more refills or have to order your medicine for the next business day.  Also be aware that if you will not be at your home or work at the requested delivery time, we will need to know of a secure drop-off spot or someone authorized to take your medicine ahead of time.  Please use our automated online refill system (link?) or don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or with refill requests.

*Emergency deliveries may be charged a fee in some cases.

Since we do have customers out of town, we offer a mail order service to our patients.  In most cases, shipping will be free, but if they must be expedited or have an unusually high shipping cost, we will charge a small fee.  To avoid this, please call in or use our automated refill system (link?) a few days before you need your prescription, as to give us ample time to get them to you.

We have a selection of crutches available for purchase or rental.  We require a $10 deposit and the fee is $5/week.

We can rent nebulizers to be used with authorized prescriptions for a fee of $10/week.  The deposit is $50 and the first time users will be given a full tutorial by our pharmacists prior to using the system.

We have several different diabetes testing systems available at little or no cost.  We also have the unique ability to track your test readings through our computers.  Using a certain glucose meter, we can download your readings to our computers and give you a complete readout of how your glucose has been weekly, monthly, or however often you’d like to know how well your diabetes regimen is working.  Pharmacist Jeff Sigler, a certified diabetes instructor, will also visit with you or give you a free consultation about your diabetes care.  Please call either location for more information and to discover our complete line of diabetes testing supplies!

Call ahead to make sure a pharmacist is on duty who is registered to give injections)
Insurance will not cover all vaccines and depends on the insurance company.
Pharmacists in Kansas are only registered to give injections to those age 6 and over.

*Emergency deliveries may be charged a fee in some cases.

Gardasil (HPV vaccine)
$540 (three-dose regimen)

Shingrix (Shingles vaccine, age 50+)
$220 (two injections)

Influenza vaccine (fall months only)
Price TBA (injection to be given once a year)

Pneumovax (Pneumonia vaccine)
$65 (one time injection)

Recombivax HB (Hepatitis B vaccine)
$280 (three-dose regimen)

Meningococcal (Meningitis vaccine)
$125 (one time injection)

Vivotif (Typhoid vaccine)
$60 (4 oral dose regimen every 5 years)


At Sigler Pharmacy we strive to give our customers the best in pharmaceutical care, as well as the most cost efficient drug therapies available.  We have developed a drug compliance system using med boxes and bubblepacking for our customers.  Compliance, meaning taking the correct drugs at the correct times during the day, can be troublesome and time consuming, especially for those patients taking multiple medications.  At Sigler Pharmacy, we take away the hassle of deciding when to take medications and which medications are correct, as well as the mess in the medicine cabinet.  We will keep your medications in our pharmacy, and every week or month, we will fill a custom med box for you and deliver it to your home or business. This also takes away the hassle of knowing which medications are outdated or refilling prescriptions, as we will do this automatically as well.  Please come in to either of our locations for more information and to choose a med box or bubble pack that would best fit your lifestyle!