Frequently Asked Questions

Drive thru pharmacy windows make picking up prescriptions easy and quick

We have always been an independent, family owned business.

Our generic prices are very competitive without the need for advertised “savings cards.”

We match the GoodRx price when we can but sometimes their pricing methodology is unreasonable.  In addition they take a percentage of the price so it is better for us to match the price.  However we frequently find our normal price to be better than their best advertised price.  We pride ourselves on providing competitive generic pricing with stellar customer service!

Most likely, yes. The only way we can know for sure is to run through one of your prescriptions. We accept most major insurance plans.

Yes, we do. Both Lawrence locations deliver daily at no charge. There is limited delivery at the Lenexa location. (However, we do mail!)

As long as we are mailing within the state of Kansas, we can mail out your prescriptions to you.

We do have limited medical equipment available for rental and purchase at Sigler Pharmacy. Feel free to give us a call or visit the location pages on our website to see what we have available.

We can! We have a variety of vaccines readily available at each location, including Shingrix (shingles), Arexvy (RSV), Spikevax (Covid-19), Boostrix (T-dap), pneumonia, and flu.

Our 18th Street location has the ability to compound medications. If you are a customer at one of our other locations, we can deliver or mail compounded medication to you.

Yes! Our staff are trained on compliance packaging and we offer this service at all of our locations.  View our options here.

We believe it is vitally important for you to be on the correct medications and for your medications to be filled in an organized, timely manner. If you currently are filling medications several times a month and it is confusing and/or inconvenient for you, we will work with your doctor(s) to make sure your medications are as “synced” as possible, so that you are both taking the correct dosages at the appropriate times while needing to take the least amount of trips to the pharmacy as possible. Med sync services can result in a healthier mind and body as we take all the stress away of medication management.

We sell a variety of CBD products from professional, reputable sources. Our CBD products are all third party tested, so we are always aware of the initial source and purity of the product.